July 17th, 2012…

July 17th, 2012


Summer zipping past, days growing shorter, but the corn is growing taller.  Knee high by 4th of July is the saying in the Midwest.  At Pine Grove the corn is neck high on 4th of July.   These corn seeds were from a packet sold back in the mid 80’s.  Over 25 years.  Don’t believe they make corn seeds like that anymore.  Honest seeds.  

The garden is quiet, just the sounds of phoebes chirping and blue belly lizards doing sit ups. Yes, if one listens one can hear pumping of arms.  Very impressive to a female, me.  

Marigold seeds were planted under the Apple tree, morning glory seeds placed along the fence outside the garden.  Three cucumber seedlings, tiny as can be, planted by the entrance garden gate.  Let us just see if they grow big enough to block the path!  I dare them.


Nicole, thank you for your dedication.  

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