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Our First Test

Hi everyone it’s Harry, on Wednesday we took a test on Nitrogen and three of our most interesting questions were: The roots of legumes have on their roots; the answer to fill in the blank is Nodules; 2nd What percentage of the air we breathe is Nitrogen? The answer is: 80%; 3rd If you come upon a corn stalk that is yellow, weak, and unhealthy, what could be the problem? The answer: Nitrogen Deficiency. Those were the three most interesting questions on our quiz.

Day of Monarch and milkweed bugs

Check out the site for more information on our two guests in the garden today.

Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Mania: Milkweed Bugs

The warm weather and the milkweed plants by the school’s classrooms are feeding our visitors.

All Hallows Eve is over and the Day of Giving Thanks is family time  for the children and a week to bless the garden.  More Cherry Tomatoes were washed and readied for the lunch salad bar.  When I saw the little bright red balls in the cafeteria’s kitchen my heart leaped with joy and pride.

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