Oh what fun we are having in Feb.


A new compost bin and a visitor from Explore Ecology,  Miss Rebecca Plotkin.  

  Thank you Rebecca and we will see you soon.  Check out the bag in the picture below and tell me why there is writing on the moss growing in the top soil bag.  Black ink and sunlight?   

top part of compostbottom half of compost bin and who's inside it?Visitor of the day IMG_0444Black ink blocked the sunIMG_0449

2013 Christmas Party

During the month of December the weather fluctuated from 80’s to the 32’s F.  This last dry spell of frost damaged the tomatoes, quiano, marigolds, radishes, squash; however, the artichokes, lettuce and apple trees thrived.  As brown and lifeless as the garden may look currently, January will bring hope to all new seeds and transplants.

As in all life winter is a time for rest for some and we must respect the ways of nature.

Enjoy the Holidays and welcome in a bright New Year.

IMG_0241 IMG_0246 IMG_0249 IMG_0251 IMG_0252 IMG_0257

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Thanksgiving 2013

Middle of November and what do we have but Strawberries and Raspberries to sell.  As a fundraiser for the garden Driscoll and Edward Porrez donated berries for the garden group “B” to sell. Here are some pictures of the event.  Over $270.00 was raised.  Also sold were homemade cookies, which went like hotcakes.

bake and berry sale

bake and berry sale

shed cleaners

garden helpers

garden helpers

proud of garden

proud of garden

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