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  1. Hi,its Emily Beale.Its my first time doing a blog.We are going to make catnip play toys for cats.Ms. Colleen put me in charge of it.She told me I needed to maybe have some people over so we cold make them.I was wondering if anyone wanted to help out.Its going to be at my house, Saturday 4/20/13 from 3:00 to 5:00. If you are able to come contact me on this blog and I will give you more at school.

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  3. Hi its Karli, I wanted to say we should help raise money for the garden to help save the garden and Miss Colleen. We need money and fundraising ideas for Reagan 5th graders, Kayla, Karli, Emily and Elise are trying to think of ideas to raise money.Thanks for reading,Karli.

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