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Awe inspiring

August is truly august with fruits and vegetable.  Our small, but mighty garden has produced artichokes, corn, sunflower seeds, cherry tomatoes, and zucchinis.  It is our little garden of Eden.

Silly little ground squirrels munch on the larger unripened  green “Ace” tomato fruits.  They are  so eager to eat more later that day that they chew off a limb of the plant that has a tomato on it and drag the limb to the chain link fence.  Only to fail to pull the large limb through the chain link.  By the size of the teeth marks in the tomatoes, these squirrels are healthy.  I am sure they will find a way to remove what ever they want from this garden and drag it back to their underground homes.  In fact the closest home is right under the Resource Room next to the garden.

As school starts tomorrow, I wonder what the Garden’s first students will think.  Wish I could be there to see their faces.  Some one please tell them that the Garden missed their voices and laughter.

Photo’s of the garden the last week of July

The early morning rain came lightly for 15 mins or so,  just to tease the soil with moisture.  The smell of the redwood mulch blended with the warm humid air to welcome me into the garden  yesterday (Sept. 4th 2012). Every plant was reaching tall to gather the drops before the afternoon sun evaporated the water away.