Garden Time!

Hi everybody, its Julia. This is my first time doing a blog but I’ll try my best to give you the “scoop”. Today I went to garden and watered almost all of the plants. We watered an apple tree, strawberries and artichokes. So far (from what I’ve seen) those pesky squirrels love our lettuce. That’s all for today!

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Things are heating up in the garden

Three mulch piles were composting  extremely well this last week.  Steam rose through the shoveled holes and the kids who were digging eagerly sat their rears in the warmth of the pile.  Heat, free heat to warm cold bodies with and hey, if a person tunnels a hole through the mulch compost pile and lays  water piping down and covers it……guess what?   Cold chilly water will start at the beginning and sweet, warm water comes out the other end.  A water heater.

Many students wanted to know how much it cost to have a compost unloaded at their home.  I told them that the great tree service company called Coastal Tree delivered the compost for free.

Temperature  gauges measure the air to be 60 F. and within 4 mins. the temperature rose to 120 f.  Could have been hotter, however the gauge was limited.


End of February in the garden

Thanks to Central Coast Tree service, owner Zee and truck driver Tony, the garden received a new pile of mulch.  Clippings of a Pine tree.  Smelled great.  This mulch will be spread outside the walkways and garden fence to keep weeds from growing.

A new patch of spinach, garlic, onions, rhubarb and money plant is growing.  Time to plant the tomato seeds and corn.  Yes, early, for the weather is telling me to move on with the growing season this year.

A sound out to Harrison.  Let’s pulled the other students into our website.  Can you make a call out to others and walk them through it on the phone?

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The Queen’s Speech

The Queen of England, Elizabeth, has a son named Charles. Prince Charles has a staff of worker whose job is to communicate with others. One of the many mediums is a website . Do check out this site and interact with the quizzes. Also take time to read about Highgrove and Clarence House gardens.

Should we correspond with the other primary school’s blogs? Let me know.

See you soon!

Our First Test

Hi everyone it’s Harry, on Wednesday we took a test on Nitrogen and three of our most interesting questions were: The roots of legumes have on their roots; the answer to fill in the blank is Nodules; 2nd What percentage of the air we breathe is Nitrogen? The answer is: 80%; 3rd If you come upon a corn stalk that is yellow, weak, and unhealthy, what could be the problem? The answer: Nitrogen Deficiency. Those were the three most interesting questions on our quiz.

Day of Monarch and milkweed bugs

Check out the site for more information on our two guests in the garden today.

Monarch Butterfly Milkweed Mania: Milkweed Bugs

The warm weather and the milkweed plants by the school’s classrooms are feeding our visitors.

All Hallows Eve is over and the Day of Giving Thanks is family time  for the children and a week to bless the garden.  More Cherry Tomatoes were washed and readied for the lunch salad bar.  When I saw the little bright red balls in the cafeteria’s kitchen my heart leaped with joy and pride.

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Our special guest

Hey everyone it’s Harrison, this week we had a special guest come in from Santa Barbra, to talk about good bugs and bad bugs, he also showed us different kinds of bug traps, and he helped us find some of the bugs in our garden. It was a lot of fun, and everybody had a great time!

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