Baby Blue Bird & Waxworms and Molasses

Mr. and Mrs. Blue Bird had their babies.  With waxworms supplied by Pets Mart the new parents are actively feeding their young.  Born roughly May 21st, the cheeping can be heard when one places their head near the birdhouse and knocks “hello”.

The corn is growing by the hour and the rhubarb’s leaves are forming to be large, green, almost heart shape globes.

An interesting application was done by two groups of  Mrs. Van Allen’s 5th grade science class. Molasses was mixed with water in a hand pump sprayer and applied to the strawberries and corn.  “Slow as Molasses.” was a quote by one of the students.  Well, the lesson was what is good for us can be good for the plant.   Molasses is high in Iron, Nitrogen, Potassium and Sulfates.  So, the strawberries had their morning syrup which made the kids hungry and ready for pancakes.

Now tell me are these young people the smartest and cutest things you have ever seen?

Kayla, Karli, Elise, Emily, Tiffany, Blake, Atahan, Elizabeth, Delanie, Jacob, Adam, Angelica, Alyssagroup examining waxwormtiffany, blake,  atahan



kayla, kari, elisa, elmily molasses spray




up close at waxworm, food 4 baby blue bird


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