Things are heating up in the garden

Three mulch piles were composting  extremely well this last week.  Steam rose through the shoveled holes and the kids who were digging eagerly sat their rears in the warmth of the pile.  Heat, free heat to warm cold bodies with and hey, if a person tunnels a hole through the mulch compost pile and lays  water piping down and covers it……guess what?   Cold chilly water will start at the beginning and sweet, warm water comes out the other end.  A water heater.

Many students wanted to know how much it cost to have a compost unloaded at their home.  I told them that the great tree service company called Coastal Tree delivered the compost for free.

Temperature  gauges measure the air to be 60 F. and within 4 mins. the temperature rose to 120 f.  Could have been hotter, however the gauge was limited.


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