Hello all:The …

Hello all:

The transition of the garden from Summer to Fall is occurring before our eyes.  Gone are the sunflower plants.  Adios to the corn stalks and artichokes.  But “Hello” to the pumpkins.  Mr. & Mrs. Squirrel are gnawing on two of the greenish-orange pumpkins inside the fence.  And the largest and oldest pumpkin that insisted on growing outside the fence was taken by a human.  For some reason I don’t believe the human was as cute as the squirrels, so naughty was one more than the other. 

The Garden has four very special 5th graders who bring energy, curiosity and attention to her.  Yes, it is a her.  She is always giving birth to something, plant, insect, worm, lizard, and knowledge.  That is why the Garden is a “she”  

Harrison, it is time for you to write a blog.  Oh, Meekaela thank you for the help in the classroom.  

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